Tours about Manchester Women 2024

I offer many different private walks and tours on the history of Manchester women. Here are some ideas.

Women in the Footnotes This series of walks highlights women who may appear only in the footnotes of the city's history, or who seem merely incidental to the stories of men. Neither famous nor familiar, we recover the lost stories of these sidelined women. Different routes available for Manchester and Salford.

Criminelle - Manchester's female criminals Hear stories of Manchester women who committed crime in the long 19th Century. Murder, violence, suicide, theft, sex work, fraud, deception, infanticide, disruption, disorder, protest. We look at their crimes, their punishments, the social context and public opinion.

Manchester women - the classic tour Discover Manchester women who shaped the city, or whose actions had local, national, and sometimes international reach. Suffragists, suffragettes, socialites, scientists, slave-owners, authors, artists, environmentalists, entrepreneurs, pacifists, pioneers, protestors, millionaires and more...

Manchester women - International Connections (coming soon) Women who visited Manchester or who made it their home.

Some words of caution These tours include adult themes making them unsuitable for children. Some tours include stories of maternal and baby loss, suicide, or of violence against and by women.

Book a private tour If you want a private tour for your company or group as part of Women's History Month (March) or at other times during the year - contact me and we can work out a tour which would suit you.

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