Valette's Manchester

‘If any citizen desires to realise how really beautiful parts of Manchester may appear under certain lights he should inspect the canvases of Adolphe Valette’.

This was the view of an art critic in 1912.

Adolphe Valette was Manchester’s own French Impressionist painter.  Arriving in Manchester early in the 20th Century, his paintings here would capture a city of activity and movement, of industry and water, and would encourage his students, such as LS Lowry, at Manchester’s School of Art.

This tour, inspired by Valette’s work, visits the places he painted, from the glistening cobbles of Albert Square, passing the twinkling lights of warehouses, to a busy Oxford Road and a wintry All Saints.  We’ll hear stories, not only of the man himself, but of the buildings, streets and the people who inhabited these areas before, during, and after Valette’s time.  We’ll discover hidden features and the lesser-known tales of Manchester’s past.   

Special thanks to Cecilia Lyon, author of the comprehensive ‘Adolphe Valette’ for our conversations about the painter.