About Manchester

Free Trade, the Suffragettes and The Gay Village, or Joy Division, The Smiths and Elbow, Manchester marches ahead, whether to protest or perform.


Or to pioneer.  The Manchester Ship Canal brought ships through land and created an inland port, and trains first bore passengers. The atom was split and the modern computer born.  The city’s mills wove the world’s cotton.


Once the workshop, now the Sports ground, of the world, hosting internationals from swimming pool to boxing ring.  And could we forget football? The red corner Unites as the blue corner exCites.


So whether in Chinatown or down the Curry Mile; with a beer brewed in the city, or with a cocktail shaken in a skyline bar; squashed at the stage in a Northern Quarter gig, or cocooned with the Halle at the Bridgewater Hall, consume Manchester before the menu changes again.
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